What is Every Housewives Worst Nightmare?

What is every housewives worst nightmare? Yes you have it in one ┬ástains on a carpet and even more upsetting if the liquid spilt is of the colour red. Now what do we have red that is commonly dropped onto the shag pile. We have beetroot, and in some cases blood – but the most of all spillages come from a child with blackcurrant juice.

Colorants used in cordial, fizzy pop, sweets, and other foods generally do not flush out with a quick rub or rinse. Stains on a carpet should be treated immediately, use a shop-vac to suck the liquid off the top surface of the rug or mat. Speedy action can help prevent the spill from entering the carpet fibres.

To clean stains on a carpet try using washing up liquid, mix in five to six drops to two cups of warm water then moisten a white cotton cloth with the solution and lay it over the stain. Then rest a clothes iron on top of the cloth, but remember not to have the iron regulated to hot, set it on a low heat so as not to scorch the cloth or worse still burn the carpet.

Keep the cloth over the stained carpet for at least fifteen minutes, and do not be tempted to press down on it. The red stain will start to wick up into the cloth. You should now begin to see the cloth reddening. Keep repeating this process till as much of the red colorant comes out. Not all stains are easily removed this way but don’t give up because there are many products to help rid stains on a carpet.

It takes patience and perseverance to get red stains out of carpet. After you have finished the clothes iron process then rinse the spot with water, blot it up, and dry it quickly. The reason for drying it quickly is because it helps prevents the stain going deeper down. More information on how to remove stains on a carpet can be found online. Always be careful as to what products you use for the removal of the stain. Different types of detergent can be more harmful than good. Make sure you follow instructions accordingly as stated on the product packaging.