Queens Bed Bug Exterminator

Chuck’s Pest Control, located in Queens, NY is here to provide bed bug eradication service to homeowners and businesses in the Queens, NYC area.  We completely understand the complexity and frustration involved with pest infestations at your home or your business establishment. We are a licensed pest control company offering 24 hour emergency care.  We also offer a 30 day follow up on the results. We are experts in eradicating bed bugs, serving the entire NYC metropolitan area.

You cannot predict the bizarre routes bed bug uses to enter your home:

  • Your staff could have brought them in unknowingly on their clothes
  • Your kids could have caught them in from the playground, school or elsewhere
  • Exchange of second hand furniture
  • Using public transportation

No matter how infested your home or office, call us for an evaluation and we will fix it for you at a reasonable cost. We clean your home or office premises clean off all stages of bed bugs:

  • Nymphs
  • Those in mold stages
  • Adult Bug
  • Bug Inspection, Identification and Eradication

Call us at Chuck’s Pest Control and get a free estimate for bed bug elimination from your home or office.  Once the bed bug inspection process is over, we can schedule the service hours for the elimination process to suit your convenience and schedule.

After the bug eradication process, peace returns and you will feel glad that you contacted us at Chuck’s Pest Control.

For pest control in Queens NY, Chuck’s Pest Control is here to help you deal with simple and complicated pest infestations.  It is impossible to have an active normal life or business while you are surrounded by pests. Whether they are bugs, rodents or any other pests, you want to get rid of them, as soon as possible, and restore peace to your premises.

We offer pest control services in Queens NY to:

  • Residential clients
  • Commercial clients
  • Deal with Pests ASAP

You do not want to let pests dominate your residence or office.  As soon as you see you are having problems with pests, get professional pest control help and solve the problem before it becomes too complicated, frustrating and expensive. The earlier you deal with pest issues the better.

Pest Resurgence

In areas where there are resurgence issues with pests, we offer periodic eradication and maintenance services.  We can help with several preventive techniques and services to avoid resurgence of the pests as well. Different pests require different type of control systems.

Federally Approved Pest Eradication Techniques

Whether it is bed bugs, roaches, rats, mice or any other pest, we ensure we are using federally approved pest eradication techniques. Call us for free and talk to us about the pest issue you are facing and we will provide you with a free estimate and elaborate on the intended solution.  We can schedule to work at your convenience and you can be sure you are dealing with professional help at the most affordable rate.

Whether the pest issue is small or big call us at Chuck’s Pest Control.