Natural pest control in the house? You can with pheromones!

So we often find ourselves struggling with insects wandering around the pantry and in the kitchen, without ever knowing where they came from. Today we are talking about sex pheromones, a simple and totally natural solution to drive them out once and for all.

Little known but really effective, when we talk about sex pheromones we are referring to the attractive substances that are used for the mating of insects. More generally, however, pheromones are “semiochemical” volatile substances produced by the organs of insects and are used to communicate with each other.

In our case, in the field of insect control, pheromones are reproduced in a synthetic way, usually in the form of a small plastic tube: these substances are not perceived by humans and are completely natural, harmless to us and our pets.

To sum up, therefore, we have a natural product, not at all cumbersome and easy to use, perfect for our home instead of insecticides: unlike sex pheromones, these pollute our environments and do not always resolve infestations over time. We have to stop the stinking sprays that remain in the air at home for a long time, polluting our kitchen and/or living room and choose to replace cardboard with glue and pheromones. In fact, in addition to being more comfortable to use, their effectiveness is higher, since they last longer in terms of pheromone release (90 days) and prevent the infestation from recurring (long-term effect).

But when should they be used? And how do we figure out which type of pheromone to use?

To answer these questions we must first recognize the type of insect that is infesting our environments, and only then, we can adopt the right countermeasure: in fact, you must know that each insect corresponds to a specific sexual pheromone. Among the most common insects, those that can be found in our house are those that eat cereals, those that eat rice, insects that eat dried fruit, insects that eat tea or insects that eat tobacco.
As you can see from the photos below, you may come across small grey butterflies, in the case of the Moth, or small beetles if they are bread Anobids, or Tobacco Anobids or Flour Tribbles or Silvano.

If you happen to open the kitchen cabinet (where you keep bread, pasta, rice, flour and/or products with these ingredients) and you see one of these ingredients coming out, it means that eggs have been laid in your food and there will probably be larvae nearby. The result will be that in a few days the insects will proliferate with the risk of finding the house invaded and eating food that is not intact.

The reasons that can lead to this situation are many, the most common are:

  • the insects and/or eggs were inside the purchased product;
  • the insects are coming from outside;
  • the packages (boxes, bags, etc.) were infested;
  • you have bought food for your pets (e.g. kibble) infested.


  1. Check all the boxes and bags even if they are closed and throw away everything that is haunted.
  2. Inspect and clean well (with a damp cloth) your furniture and structures; in case you see cobwebs and/or cocoons, carry out the operation with great care (insects only need a crumb to live).
  3. Once opened any package, put the food in tightly closed container.


If the infestation had just begun, you might have already solved the problem with just cleaning. However, it is very important to check every day to see if problems reoccur: it often happens that the insects’ eggs are present in cracks, hinges, holes that are not easily seen, and that once they hatch they bring the infestation back to life.


Cleaning alone is often not enough to eradicate the infestation. Our suggestion is first of all to understand what kind of insect is causing you problems. If you can’t recognize the insects (and you are not an entomologist), you can take some foreground pictures and send them to us with details of where you found them to [email protected] We will help you recognize the type of insect that has colonized your pantry.

Once you understand who you are dealing with, all you need to do is buy the specific traps:

  1. Anobid beetles -> for Anobid bread beetles and Tobacco Anobids.
  2. Adhesive trap for Lepidoptera -> for Small Lepidoptera.
  3. Funnel moth trap -> for Lepidoptera of foodstuffs.
  4. Funnel Lepidoptera Trap -> for Lepidoptera like Moth or Ephestia.

We recommend the first two which are made of cardboard and equipped with a glue surface, in case of crawling insects, while in case of infestation caused by flying insects funnel traps are more suitable. Inside the traps then we will place our sex pheromone, which you can see in the picture below; if you are wondering why the different shapes of the traps, this is simply a function of the insect target to capture.

In this way all the insects attracted by the sex pheromone will end up glued on the cardboard or trapped in the funnel, and within a few days you will be free from these annoying little animals.