How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Utility Room

One question we often get is this.  I treated my entire house and the roaches are still there?  What went wrong? Now, this is a rare case with our product, but we can tell you one major mistake people make.  They forget to treat the utility room. It’s easy to do. You don’t go in there much and you don’t see a lot of food and water so you just don’t think about it.  Often, it’s a big mistake for getting rid of cockroaches.

Flying Roach Raid Man

I saw this happen at one apartment complex.  A guy went and bought an aerosol can of Raid after he noticed thousands of roaches in his utility room.  He was in there spraying all the roaches as they would fly around and try to get away. Now, we know it’s kind of a silly approach because it won’t eliminate them, but he found that most of them were in the utility room.

Apartment Complex Gone Bad

In another apartment complex, there had been roaches for years.  The roach exterminator would come and spray a few times a year. The roaches would get cut back a bit, but the problem persisted.  Well, what was found, and is often the case, the exterminator was not treating the utility rooms. Why? Well, the rooms are pretty small in an apartment.  They are often more difficult to access and people just don’t think about it. Anyway, later it was found that one unit had a giant nest under the water heater of their unit that was feeding the entire building.  Once this was eliminated the problem went down substantially, but due to using sprays the problem continued, but at a lower rate.

Why do Roaches Love Water Heaters?

What do you do when you are cold?  You find a place to keep warm. Roaches hate cold weather.  They find that a nice warm spot is directly under the water heater.  In many cases, they can also get water from the water heater as an added bonus.  So, this is actually a great nesting spot. Plus, it’s usually dark in there with the light off and no humans to bother you.  It’s also a place where all the water pipes come together. So, the roaches can typically climb up and down the pipes gaining access to the kitchen, bathroom, or whatever food place they like.

Getting Rid of Roaches in the Utility Room

If you open the door and thousands of roaches fly about, it’s a good idea to put some boric acid dust down.  In addition. some good boric acid roach paste is awesome because you rarely get total elimination from a dust.  In most cases, just using the bait paste is all you need. Getting rid of those darn roaches once and for all is really not that difficult; just don’t forget the utility room.  It’s a haven for a roach nest.