How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Living Room

The living room has one unique thing.  It has a doorway to the outside. Now, in some hot and humid areas a lot of roaches live outdoors and simply walk in through the front door.  In addition, the living room will typically have people hanging out a lot more than other rooms.

Mechanical Living Room Controls

Get rid of that space under your door.  Some doors to the outside have a very large space underneath (1/8-1/2 inch).  In your home, check that space to make sure it is not too large. While a roach can squeeze through just about anything, we want to make it more difficult for them to get into the home.  In super hot humid areas, treat the lawn with some granules to help control them outdoors.

Eating in the Living Room

Ok, what happens when you get a roach infestation.  The hottest spot ever for a roach infestation is the kitchen.  Now, who wants to eat in the kitchen where the roaches are? Not me!  So, now what do you do? A lot of people naturally move to the living room to eat dinner.  It’s almost comical (in a horrific way) to eat in the living room and watch the roaches smelling the food come walking in along the walls.  They don’t attack you, they just want to be by the food. It could be that they just want to be your friend, but we don’t want to be theirs.

So, this is a mistake.  We want to keep the roaches in as small a location as possible.  We don’t want to give them any incentives to further infest other areas of the home.  They are good at cleaning up your food crumbs and water spills, but we just don’t want them setting up shop in the living room.  Instead, don’t eat in the living room. If you’re like a lot of people, you simply eat out at restaurants a lot until you get rid of the roach infestation.  It’s expensive, but the alternative is not that appealing.


Once and for all, you can get rid of the cockroaches by applying roach bait paste.  In the living room, look for areas under the furniture. For example, the entertainment center and items close to the kitchen.  You can also put bait behind electrical switch and outlet plate covers. If you follow these recommendations your home will be rid of cockroaches in no time at all.