How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen

If you are like most American families, the largest concentration of roaches is in the kitchen.  This makes sense because that is where all the yummy food is located.

There is also an abundance of water and moisture that contribute to the problem in the kitchen.  So, the way to get rid of the cockroaches is to know why they are there, where they are, and elimination techniques like as DuPont advion ant control bait gel.

Where are They?

Well, you might say they are everywhere if your infestation is really bad.  You might see them running out of the refrigerator or see them when you open cupboard doors.  If this is the case for you, that means the infestation is pretty bad because they don’t typically come out in the light unless there is overcrowding in the walls and dark places.

If you are like most people, there are roaches that you see once in a while, but not easy to find.  So, we often wonder where exactly are they at. Well, they can be almost anywhere, but here are the hot spots.

Hot Spot #1 – This is the refrigerator.  The back of the refrigerator usually has some very nice holes to crawl through.  There is some insulation and a motor that heats up. This is a perfect nesting spot. Also, the roaches can climb right into your refrigerator for snacks.  If you use roach bait, this is an ideal place to put some; behind the refrigerator.

Hot Spot #2 – This is under the sinks.  Nearly every kitchen has a sink.  Under the sink is the dark area and often there is more moisture down there.  The roaches love to crawl along the piping networks. It’s a good way to get around, go from apartment to apartment and so forth.  More importantly it’s dark, moist, and good access to water. So, finding those pipes and putting some roach bait there is a great idea.

Hot Spot #3 – This is often the most overlooked area.  It is under the toe-kicks.  This is the area between the floor and the cupboards on the bottom shelf.  In most cases, a good bait under the sinks will take care of this. When the roaches come up for food, they take a bite of bait on the way and it works nicely.  However, if your infestation is really bad, it can also be helpful to use a dust in the void. To do this, you drill a hole in the toe-kick and then blow dust in through the hole (not literally).  That doesn’t mean blowing with your own hot air. There are special dust blowing tools that blow it in. You can also buy some boric acid in tubes that can work also.

Getting Rid of the Roaches

Finally, to get rid of the roaches, simply carefully apply the roach bait paste around the kitchen in areas that are safe (away from humans) and accessible to roaches.  Put about two times what you put on a toothpaste under the sinks, under the appliances, and behind drawers. Use the countertop frame as a place to put down bait. This elimination technique is superior to any other as dust gets in the air and can be breathed in, poison spray in the kitchen (not good), and gel baits cost a fortune for the smallest syringe you can imagine.  For most people, one 20 ounce jar of roach bait will cure their problems for an entire year.