Controlling Pests

Controlling pests in the home for some people can be a nightmare especially if dealing with a spider, (not everyone) Controlling pests is simple if you know what you are up agains`t but unfortunately for the home that is harbouring bats then that is a different matter because not many people are familiar with these nocturnal animals.

Bats as you may well be aware sleeps throughout the day in a position that leaves them hanging upside down from roof rafters or on the outside wall. Bats as we know are supposed to like belfries – that is not the case – bats like drought free locations. When controlling pests as such you have to remember that that there are many types of different species. Most types are native to Britain and are usually seen around dusk as they sweep across the sky catching air borne insects. Bats are not destructive and cause no harm but under British law, can only be handled by licensed people.

Legality and the law states that all species are protected because of the likelihood of extinction. Because of the protection act it is illegal to kill or even disturb bats in their roosts. If you have a colony of bats, what you should do is contact the Nature Conservancy Council and let them deal with removing the bats.

Bed bugs – another parasite we are up agains`t in the home when it comes down to controlling pests. The adult bug is brown and its size is about 3.5 mm long. The bugs feed on blood; they have a razor sharp bite which penetrates the skin of a sleeping person or any other warm blooded animal. After the bed bug has done the damage feasting on the human, the full bellied swollen bug will crawl away to its nesting place to digest its meal. You may also find bedbugs under loose wallpaper or in furniture.

You must regularly clean bedding and linen to help reduce bed bug infestation. If you find that they are already present then the way in controlling pests as such is with a type of fumigation process which will entail using insecticide spray. Remember sprays like these may contain certain chemicals – always read the instructions carefully before use.