Cockroaches – Besides children in the house this is another pest we have to deal with in the home. There is a big difference between the kids and cockroaches – we love the kids being around us unlike this unwanted bug.

This black beetle can be distinguished by its very long, whip-like antennae, their flat oval shaped bodies along with speedy movements. Not all cockroaches are black, take the German adult cockroach which is brown in colour and approximately 12 mm long, the common or oriental cockroach is bigger measuring up to about 20 mm in length.. These household pests eat all types of food – meat, vegetables, bread, fruit, even things like old newspapers and leather. Cockroaches thrive at their best around heating ducts and in boiler rooms. They accumulate and amass in clusters around pipes and are fond of cooker and sink areas, humid regions seem to attract them more. These creepy crawlies taint food with a sort of obnoxious smell and most certainly can be seen as carriers of disease and one namely is food poisoning.

Trying to control or stem any infestation of these black beetles in the home can be difficult because the insecticide has to be administered into the cockroaches by their own means and the insecticide should have ample persistence to destroy baby cockroaches as they hatch. If you are in doubt on how remove cockroaches from the home then call in the Environmental Health Department or pest control expert.

The death watch bug is a wood boring beetle that eats grubs and rotting old hardwood. The adult beetle rarely fly`s, so infestation is generally restricted to certain regions where previous colonies have not been fully eradicated or where old infected timber has been created. The death watch beetle prefers hardwood in contrast to softwoods used in modern house timbers. Grubs are known to live up to ten years inside timber so this beetle can feast for a long time with out the worry of a famine shortage; the adult mottled grey/brown beetle is about 7 mm long and makes a fast tapping sound by banging its head up against the wood as a mating call.

Persistence in removing this beetle is important with pest control i.e. woodworm killer. If the infestation is more than you can handle then call in the experts