Bed Bugs Queens

Chuck’s Pest Control is a bed bugs Queens eradication service located in Queens, NY.  We cater to the bed bug eradication needs of residential and commercial property owners in the Queens’s, NY area.  It is important to eradicate bed bugs quickly, because they reproduce at an alarming speed.

Bed bugs are undesirable because it is impossible to tolerate the:

  • Skin rashes and related itching
  • Loss of sleep
  • Psychological consequence of having bugs around your home or office
  • And the many other negative impacts caused by bed bugs.
  • Bed Bugs and Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are nocturnal and therefore they are hard to detect during the day. Our bug inspectors are experts in looking for fecal spots; blood smears on bed sheets, and molts to determine their presence.

Bed Bugs Get Everywhere

The shocking thing is that the bed bugs are not just in your bed; they somehow find their way into every crack and corner in your home, furniture, and many other places.  Our bed bug inspectors employ a careful inspection process identifying and marking the infested areas. They ensure they identify every area of infestation whether they are in your:

  • Clothing
  • Fabric seams
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling
  • Duct work
  • And more…

We use different dis-infestations techniques to clear bugs from different items and locations on your property.  There is lot of DIY products in the market, but no matter how hard you try, it takes professional expertise and effective sterilization to avoid resurgence of any kind. This is one task you need to leave to experts.

We are licensed and insured.  We use federally approved disinfection techniques.  After our eradication service, you can see that your house is sterile, clear and there are no bugs.  We offer a 30-day period of after service as well. Call us for a free quote. Anytime you need help, we are here to save you from the bloodsucking bed bugs at, Chuck’s Pest Control.